Want to Rock Your Job Interview? Have the Answers Ready to these 3 Questions

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Let's face it, no matter how qualified we look on paper, it's all about nailing that job interview! It doesn't matter how smart we are, the amount of certifications or degrees we have, or even how much we try and psych ourselves up before stepping into the real or virtual interview room- there is one thing that every interviewer is looking for- and that is CONFIDENCE.

Now, i'm not talking the phony, "I'm the best, and you better hire me or you're stupid" attitude of confidence that some people possess. I'm talking true, brand identity, knowing your self-worth and what value you can bring to a company confidence. The type of confidence you exude when you can leave the interview knowing that you have convinced the room that you are not only the best fit for the job, but you walk out feeling like if they don't hire you, they must not have been a good fit for you.

So, how do you rock the job interview and land your dream job? By knowing, sharing, and believing the answers to 3 questions.

With these 3 questions, not only will you leave a lasting impression on the interviewers, you will have the confidence you need to market yourself as the missing piece that the company has got to have!

1. What value do you bring? This can be on a company level, team level, and even personally. Everyone has something special about them and can offer something to a company. But, what is it about YOU that is going to make the company say they have got to have you on their team?

2. What makes you unique? Let's face it...degrees and certifications are cool, but 9 times out of 10 other candidates have similar qualifications. What have you done that has set you apart? If it's not a career that requires certifications, what skills/experience do you have that are unique to you and differ from other candidates applying for the job?

3. What gaps might there be and how will you learn from them? How will you express your willingness to learn? BONUS POINT: Companies don't expect you to be perfect! Oftentimes the person who comes in thinking they "know everything" can come of as disingenuous and not willing to grow. Being able to show an employer that you are thinking ahead and are already thinking of creative ways to fill your gaps and bring even more value to the company will definitely earn you extra brownie points!

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