Career Change with Confidence Program

The Career Change with Confidence Program is a 5 Session Program that takes you from stuck and overwhelmed in your career change journey to a place where you feel happy and confident that you have found a career path that aligns with you. 

                So, you've spent hours job searching...

                          Talking to friends and family in other careers... 

                          Updating your resume...

                          and are still feeling more lost than ever.


How do you know the Career Change with Confidence Program will be any different and will work? 

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With our special proven Career Sweet Spot Method and partnering with Hiremax, a company that has been giving top-quality career assessments for over 29 years, we have found that we are able to help clients find careers that align with the lives they want bringing them true fulfillment in their careers. 

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With Clarity and Confidence LLC's Career Sweet Spot Method, you will find the career that best aligns with the life you desire leaving you fulfilled, happy, and more confident than ever.

Find out how your


Wants,  and Needs 

all come together to design your Dream Career.

Use the "Work with Me" button at the top of the page  to re-discover what makes you happy and find the perfect career path for you today.

What is covered in the 5 Sessions? 

Over the 5 Sessions we will...

  • Identify past work and career patterns. 

  • Use a series of exercises and techniques to re-discover what you want in need in your career. 

  • Identify any patterns in your mindset and behavior that may be getting in the way of truly finding a career that makes you happy. 

  • Use the Career Sweet Spot Method to find a job that truly aligns with the career and life you desire.

  • Create an action plan to help bring the career to life.




Those who enroll in the Career Change with Confidence Program will also receive a Complimentary CAREER PLANNING INSIGHTS ASSESSMENT.


To help learn more about your...

-Ideal work environment.

-Your work behaviors and what type of work best aligns with you and your personality.

-A customized list Careers that align with you! 

Ready to Enroll or Want to Learn More? 

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