Coach Erica Jamison



Your Life and Career Clarity Coach

My name is Erica Jamison and I am a Life Coach dedicated to helping women get our of their own way, so they can change careers and dream big with Confidence!

I get it! I've been there! Waking up each day overwhelmed, stressed, filled with anxiety. My mind racing trying to find a way out. A way to the life I knew I was meant to live. But-I was getting in my own way! My mind was filled with self-doubt, I didn't know what I was qualified for, or even what I was "meant" to be doing. I knew I wanted happiness- but could not for the life of me figure out what happiness meant for me.

After 5 career changes, endless resume updates, failed attempts of going back to school, I had almost given up on myself. Then, at the age of 30- when I thought "this was it"- I had wasted my life away trying to just "figure it all out", someone said something to me that changed my life. "You are 30, if you figure it out now, you still have the next 30 years to spend doing what you love". 

From there I set out on a path to find true happiness, discover what I wanted in life, find the career of my dreams, and turn my ideal life into my reality. Now it is my dream to help other women do the same.

Let me help you...

Dream of the life you've always wanted.

Draft a plan to turn your dreams into actionable steps.

Dare to make it a reality!