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By Erica Jamison

Helping women find their Dream Careers and gain the Confidence to go after them!

Feeling Stuck in your Career?

Change your Thoughts; Change your Life!

Feeling Stuck in your Career? Wishing you could Live the Life you've Always Imagined...Change your Path but not sure what the Right "Next Career" Choice is for you?

Here at Clarity and Confidence Coaching, LLC it is our mission to help driven yet unfulfilled women find their next career so you can get back to focusing on what makes you happy in life! 

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of the life you want!

Working on the Go


a plan to get there!

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to make it a reality!

Close your eyes and imagine your dream life. Where are you? What are you doing? Are you picturing the life you have now? If the answer is NO, you are not alone.


Are you miserable at work? Spending most of your time thinking of a way out? Wondering how all of your co-workers could possibly be walking around with a smile on your face while you would give ANYTHING to find a job that actually made you happy?

You've spent hours trying to figure out what to do next. You've searched on Indeed, googled "top paying careers", and even tried soul-searching...but you've only ended up one place....Stuck! 

You want to get out of your career as fast as possible, but are feeling so overwhelmed, burned out, and anxious that you no longer know what you REALLY want.  


The Average American Spends 90,000 Hours of their life working. 

Imagine spending that time continuously working a job you hate!

You want to get out of your current career and finally wake up feeling happy to go to work and like you are spending your hours focusing on what makes you happy, but are feeling so overwhelmed, burned out, and anxious that you no longer know what you REALLY want.  

With Clarity and Confidence Coaching, LLC's Proven Career Change Method you will walk away with a new career that ALIGNS with the life you desire and an action plan to bring it to life.

When our wants and needs in life ALIGN with our Careers we can live a much more fulfilling and happy life.

With the Career Change with Confidence Program you Will...


Re-Discover what you are passionate about so that you stop second guessing your career change decision.


Learn how to use your wants, needs, experience, and skills to find your next career and stop the endless job searching leaving you feeling overwhelmed. 


Create a step by step action plan to bring your career change goals to life so you can feel confident and get back to the things that make you happy in life.
As a Life and Career Clarity Coach I believe in helping women gain  the clarity and confidence they need to change careers.  


Erica Jamison

With Clarity and Confidence Coaching LLC's Career Change with Confidence Program you will find a career path that aligns with your life, create an action plan to bring it to life, and start living the life you've always desired.

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